Why We Invest Into Property Presentation

Published by: Tom Bloomfield

With the housing market now being online, the first impression that buyers will have of your home is how it appears on the various property portals.

So it follows that getting the online marketing as good as it can be is vital to making sure the maximum price has been achieved. After all, one mistake in the marketing can mean one less enquiry, and one less enquiry can mean selling to the second most appropriate buyer – often for thousands of pounds less.

Whilst the criteria will vary from house-to-house, producing superb online marketing is becoming increasingly multidimensional. For example, professionally outsourced photography and editing is now considered fundamental by most modern-thinking agents, but few put serious time and consideration into how to order photographs to maximise the click-through rate on as many platforms as possible.

It’s also still common to see photos without blue skies, elevated photos used inappropriately, floorplans without measurements and poorly written descriptions with vital information either missed out completely or hidden from view in the wrong part of the advert.

Common sense says that the best results will be achieved by agents who not only have the right online expertise, but who are prepared to invest the necessary amount of their own time and money into getting the details right.

Bloomfield Grey provides high-grade online marketing to the owners of individual homes in Suffolk and Essex. We invest our funds to pay for the very best outsourced photography which we back up with twenty years of experience in the premium home market.

If you live anywhere in the IP, CO or CM postcodes and you feel your home is suffering from poor online marketing call us to find out how we can improve its first impression at no cost to you: 01206 911 366.