Top Ten Tips for being Sale Ready

Published: 09/04/2020

By Ness Streete.

The coronavirus is making a marked impression on the lives of the UK population this Spring, with thousands volunteering with the NHS and delivery front lines and many millions furloughed or left working at home. Rationally though it’s not all doom and gloom and it’s time for some tough questions to be put to property sellers - How many of you are currently on the market? How many of you are thinking about going on the market? And how many of you are truly ready for such an enormous task?

Statistically, property buyers walk in and start counting the cost to redecorate, replace kitchens and bathrooms, re-carpet and more. Before you know it, you are faced with a far shorter than expected offer for your beloved home. So, during this period of isolation, working from home and furloughs there really isn’t a better time to get your house in order and here are some sensible tried and tested helpful tips to ensure that you are sale ready when the time comes to relaunch or get your property on the open market. We’re in this for the long haul so you may as well enjoy your home while you get sale ready:

1. De-clutter – Make sure there isn’t a shameful cupboard in the house because every buyer will open that one drawer. Those shelves surely don’t need so many books on them, allow the light and space within your home to shine through your personal effects. You’re moving anyway so get the job of packing underway.

2. Rezone – During isolation many households have had to rethink the spaces they have in their homes, have you? That space under the stairs, didn’t it just make the perfect home-office, and who knew that a seat on the landing was the ideal spot for a light quiet read? Thank goodness for the conservatory too, and wasn’t it a delight to clear of toys and use as a family dining space, both formal and informal with the flick of a switch and the shift of a few key pieces of furniture.

3. Decorate – We do not mean calling in the experts, we simply suggest a freshen up of the odd accent wall or coordinate the wallpaper with something less loud. You’re selling, so sell already! Vibrant pink may be your child’s choice, but it’s not for everyone. Think ‘would a buyer like it?’

4. Sort the garden – There really is no excuse, it’s Spring after all. Get pruning and weed pulling. Wash that patio furniture and dig out the parasol. Move those pots around and have a play with where the BBQ is situated. Sell sell sell.

5. Work on your curb appeal – Social Distancing is now the norm, but there is nothing to say that you cannot wave at the neighbours, that is if you can see them over the hedge you have been promising to trim since last September. Light bursts of trimming and edging will make all the difference, as will giving the front door step a good wash.

6. Refresh and re-jiggle – Move artwork around, and ornaments too.  It’s simply staggering what just a few small adjustments can do for a room.

7. Dress to impress – Wash those throws and plump up those cushions, you may as well enjoy living in a beautifully presented home while you are there 24/7.

8. A place for everything – Boxes and storage. Show those buyers that there really are no issues with where to put a lifetime of memories.

9. Lofty work – Everyone has a dark side, and most are hidden away above our heads. You’re moving anyway so why not start on the Great British Sort Out right now?

10. Wash the dog – Ensure every nook and cranny is like a sparkling pin. Skirtings, window sills, even internal doors can make the world of difference, ensuring your home smells fresh and clean and viewer ready.

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Our approach to marketing your property orientates around the characteristics of the modern housing market, where serious buyers now search almost exclusively on sites like Rightmove and Zoopla. As such, we have put aside most offline marketing to allow an increased investment into the online advertisements for every home we market. This includes an extensive outsourced professional photo shoot provided at our cost and without any lengthy contractual tie in.

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