The Summary Description is Precious

Published: 29/12/2018 By Tom Bloomfield

The 267-character summary description that appears when a property returns in a buyer’s search results is a finite and valuable tool which can make a real difference to the interest a house generates.

A good short description will include content that encourages buyers to want to see the main details, but even in the online era there are still far too many examples of descriptions that miss easy opportunities to do just that.

We have come up with four mistakes to be avoided which homeowners can use to make sure their agent is not missing opportunities and to help demonstrate them we have written a fictitious example:

This advert uses text taken from various genuine listings we found on Rightmove. Where it goes wrong is that it includes too much vague information and virtually no genuine selling points. Here is what should not be included:

  • It opens with a pointless and generic catch phrase.
  • The agent promotes themselves and their success in winning the instruction.
  • It repeats too much information which is already included by Rightmove’s default display (the text in green).
  • It includes statements which are either obvious or so hackneyed that they carry no benefit.

The agents who get their summary descriptions right are those that use the 267-character allowance to maximise the number of selling points mentioned. There is ample space for at least eight to be included and any one of those could attract the attention of a person who may eventually go onto buy.