The Nine Components of a Bulletproof Rightmove Advert.

Published: 04/01/2019 By Tom Bloomfield

If you are setting out to sell your home it’s worth remembering that its appearance on Rightmove is by some distance the biggest marketing factor determining the quantity and quality of the enquiries it receives.

Once online, your house is essentially engaged in a battle for attention versus the other properties available at the same price and buyers will decide whether your house is worth viewing based on what they see on their screen and not much else. Mistakes or omissions in how it appears will reduce attention, enquires and viewings, leading to a reduced chance of selling for the best price.

It’s your agent’s job to make sure your house is marketed properly, but what constitutes a great Rightmove listing and how can you tell if your house is being sold short?

Over the last fifteen years I have personally produced thousands of Rightmove adverts for country houses throughout Essex and Suffolk, whilst at the same time developing a somewhat nerdish interest in how other estate agents go about producing adverts for their clients.

I have seen occasions where a cleverly improved Rightmove advert has transformed a property’s fortunes in the market, but I’ve also witnessed some fabulous homes sell for less than they should, having had their very best features go unnoticed.

With the benefit of this experience here are my nine criteria for homeowners to take into account when considering the representation of their home (click each title to read detailed blogs on each topic):

1. Photography, Photography, Photography.
2. The Summary Description is Precious.
3.  Don’t Describe the Obvious.
4.  Proper Floorplans.
5.  Include the Negatives.
6.  Use Tactics for Extra Exposure.
7.  Invest in Upgrades.
8.  Avoid the Office Junior.
9. Check, Test and Adjust.