Proper Floorplans

Published: 13/11/2018 By Tom Bloomfield

Rightmove are pretty clear on the subject of floorplans – every house should have a plan and every plan should have measurements. Their reasoning is that properties launched without a floorplan lose out on 52% of views compared to properties launched with floorplans

We agree but there is more that needs to be said. Floorplans need to be uploaded on a format that can be expanded, the room names need to correspond to the photo labels, any outbuildings need to be included and they need to be simple - the inclusion of 3D modelling and example furniture can interfere with their clarity in our view.

Lastly, the advantage of a floorplan with measurements is that it normally provides the agent with the total square footage and meterage of the house concerned. Used wisely, this can be a valuable marketing tool – for example quoting the square footage can be an effective way of highlighting the appeal of a property which is larger than it appears at a glance and is much more reliable than the hackneyed phrase “deceptively spacious”.