Finding “London Buyers”.

Every year thousands of Londoners make the decision to switch the convenience of London living for a home in the surrounding counties; a migration that seems to continue through good-and-bad markets.

Whilst they normally look for easy travel routes back to the capital for work what really motivates them is what they cannot get in the capital; fresh air, open-spaces, less traffic, rural schooling and distance from their neighbours.

With better paid jobs and higher value homes, Londoners have massive collective buying power so it’s understandable that property owners outside of the capital are keen to get their attention.

This is why many estate agents try to create associations with London buyers including paid-for links with marketing offices in Mayfair and Knightsbridge, connections with their own firm’s London branches and having a picture of Tower Bridge on their homepage.

However, we think the secret to finding London buyers for a home is much simpler – appoint an agent who advertises their client’s properties on the internet – which, of course, includes every estate agent that we are aware of.