Check, Test and Adjust.

Published: 13/11/2018 By Tom Bloomfield

The effort involved in producing a first-rate rightmove advert is significant but once a property has launched for sale there is ongoing work that needs to be done – online advertising is not about fire and forget.

Check the Property has Uploaded Correctly.
Rightmove is littered with examples of houses that have not uploaded properly, with common examples including photos being found where floorplans should be (or vice versa) or even images appearing upside down. A quick check to make sure that a property has uploaded and that its content is accurate is essential following launch.

Photo Rotations.
Rightmove suggest that agents rotate a property's photo order or periodically upload replacement images to make sure its listing appears fresh. It is also a good idea to replace winter images with summer alternatives when the time is right.

Monitor the Click-Through Rate.
Rightmove produces excellent data on the number of times a property’s full sales details are viewed online. It also allows agents to compare that data against the performance of their average property and against similar houses being managed by other agencies.

This is helpful in identifying any weaknesses in a property's marketing material plus it allows us to check whether any adjustments to its presentation or price have had a positive effect. The graph below shows the click-through for a property which has consistently performed well against similar properties for sale by other estate agents. (The green line charts the hits for the property concerned and the grey line represents the average of a collection of similar properties).